Monday, December 15, 2014

Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han

For those of you who have seen my blog before, you'll note that i've already taken Dynamic Sketching with Will Weston. I decided to also take the class with Peter Han, because of the two teachers differing approaches and interests. There are aspects of both classes that I like, and I think I have figured out a mix of the two that works best for me.

Here is some of my favorite work from Peter's class. He also teaches classes at Concept Design Academy, so I highly recommend everyone take him!

The Community 

Violet is my main Character. She escapes her censored community once she
realizes how much is kept from her. She escapes to the unknown wilderness,
and reconnects with the Earth as her only means to survive.  

Bean the Bat 

Bean Glider
I wanted this character to play a practical and crucial part in Violet's
 survival. Based on Da Vinci wing designs, I created a harness for Bean
that attaches to Violet's back. When attached, she uses Bean's wings to glide over
large gaps in the earth and steers using handles, making Bean similar to a hang glider. 

Violet's Steam Boat.
I learned the different parts of a steam engine and 
tried to design a river boat made from old parts that
Violet may find lying around. 

Armor design in Costume

Heir - Villain 

Villain Aircraft - Inspired by Chinese Kites

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