Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Swan Re-Design

I decided to re-design The Black Swan. My story takes place in the 1940's where a farmer moves to the city to find a "better" life. He is torn between his wife and his new metropolis life. As the corruption of the city takes over, tensions arise at home on the farm. Before too long, the farmer is completely consumed by power and corruption and loses all control.

Symbolic Colors
Gold = Corruption
Green = Power
Pink = Home

Enjoy my process and finals :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Blaster Master Movie!

Here's some of the work I did on #BlasterMaster with Makana Sylva and Mike Bierek. Its so great to see how all this is coming together. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and help us out so we can make the movie!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Under a Rock Band

Decided to do some hippy bugs for our "bug shack" assignment. This is an 8x10 Gouache Painting :)

I really enjoy this sketch so I'll include him too :)

A Dragon's Tale

Hello all!  Here is a gouache painting of a boy reading his Dragon friend a scary story! Can you guess which tale is told?

Sketching for Entertainment

Hello! Here is some of my work from my Layout class entitled "Sketching for Entertainment", instructed by Will Weston. As usual in Will's classes, I improved dramatically. I hope you enjoy!

Film Studies

 Wireframe Objects

 Design a Jackrabbit's House



Final Layout

Dirigible Crash Landed - Circus Dirigible Crashes on Island



Final Thumbnail and Final Layout

Little Girl Goes to Grandfather's Attic - Deep Sea Exploration


Final Layout

Color and Story

This term I had the chance to take Color and Story with Richard Keyes. The class was an insane learning experience for me and I've very excited for the new skills I have developed. In addition to what is posted below, we had many color perception exercises. The main project for the class is a redesign of an existing story. The entire class had to re-imagine Persephone. Here's my interpretation of the story, set in a fantasy version of Brazil. I decided to twist the story a bit, and make my Persephone and Hades birds. Using photoshop in this way was entirely new to me so I'm please with the amount of progress I made. I loved the class that I'm taking it again this term with Bill Perkins! I can't wait to see what we create :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pause and Paints - Continued

Here are some more Pause and Paint studies from some of my favorite animated films. I've learned that I really love older color palettes and more "designed" light. There are meant to be quick and much less detailed than the sources. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pause and Paint - Fantasia

Pause and Paints are just that, pausing a movie and painting the scene. This was so fun and I learned so much. I'm doing each of these in about 20 minutes
Enjoy! :)